Our Story

This fairytale, like all fairytales, started with a few dudes in distress. One was lamenting his dear departed tennis partner, the second grieving for the badminton racquet left behind, the third desolate after another football weekend that never happened, the fourth broke and gymless from another membership waylaid, and the fifth just #tag bored to death. Alas, unlike in other fairytales, no fair damsel came to their rescue and they wallowed for a while in their sorrow. And so they finally did what all forsaken souls do...start building their very own Neverland, a place for all restless adrenaline junkies like themselves...and thus a thought, nay a belief called Playo was sown.

A belief to create a playground where you can fit-in with other fellow misfits, where access is not limited by narrow memberships walls. A belief that you can play when you want...where you want...how you want, and not have to suffer the agony of wait. A belief to create a world where you can lose yourself and yet rediscover yourself, where you can be both the victor and the vanquished and laugh at being both. A belief...that happiness is a dish best served on the field.

We warmly welcome you to Playo, your singular destination for sports, fitness, fun and all things recreational. Come, relive those cherished childhood moments when you exchanged high fives or wept as one for a loss. Time to get your lovable varsity jersey out and give your neighbour a shout or go challenge your colleague...better still make a new friend. Get Addicted to Play...and create your own happily ever after!

Users' Speak

May 28, 2017
Love the app.. helps me meet sports enthusiasts n play anytime anywhere
nishit mehta
May 28, 2017
Haha I started playing football all over again
albert joy
May 27, 2017
Best app for booking courts around your locality and book. It helped me a lot. Thanks
Vijaya Kumar Ch
May 22, 2017
The best app I have seen.. This is exclusively for sports lovers
Karthik Balaji
May 13, 2017
Thank you very much for bringing this concept real.
chandrashekar kyatham
May 13, 2017
Awesome app with great features. Wonderful UI too. Great job team PlayO.
Kiran M
May 11, 2017
I love using this app. Very convenient to book courts for the weekends. Also the notification about upcoming events is also a cool feature
John Mathew
Apr 22, 2017
Amazing App. It's a nice idea. I had badminton courts nearby but didn't able to find players. The app helped me to find within 10mins!!
Prashanth K
Mar 29, 2017
Wonderful app to collaborate with sports fraternity... Thank u team for all the good work!!
Narayana Chennuru
Mar 25, 2017
Simple and connected app giving loads of options to play. Great app
Gurudutt R
Feb 6, 2017
Awesome for knowing the venue's for playing almost any game also they keep adding all the new venue's
Prajwal Kumar A
Nov 21, 2016
I'm hooked Love the interface. Choosing and booking a venue is so simple! Thank you :)
Abhay Sebastian
Dec 22, 2016
Useful app In the midst of nonsense app making and backup. Playo is a comfortable one. It's here to stay. Need more speed. Kudos.
Sagar Hota
Jan 15, 2017
Love this app This is the best app for sports lovers. I wanted to play badminton so badly at a proper court. With Playo I'm able to do that with ease.
Vineeth Shankar Maller
Apr 21, 2017
A very great app for all the sports enthusiasts. You can find all the details on every corner. Easy to plan your sports activites. Also can meet up with other sports enthusiasts also
Praveen Kulkarni
Dec 24, 2016
Nice it really works I thought it is fake
Anuradha Vasudevan
May 9, 2017
Aum, Well it's a good app I believe. Atleast there is an app for such stuff. So yeah. Cool
Sandeep Roy
May 26, 2017
very nice app... we can book badminton courts online
Khadrani Arif

Meet the Team

Think of work as play...then come play with us. We’d love to hear from you at careers@playo.co.


HP SinghFounder, Chairman & Managing Director – Satin Creditcare Network Limited, Taraashna Services Limited, Satin Housing Finance Limited and Tomorrow’s India
Sandeep TandonManaging Director – Tandon Group
Co-Founder – FreeCharge
Bob PattilloFounder – Robert Pattillo Properties, Gray Ghost Ventures,
Gray Matters Capital, First Light Ventures,
Indian School Finance Company and IDEX Fellowship Program
Co-Founder – Bellwether Fund, ASA International and Village Capital
Ex-Advisor – eBay, Chilton, Goldman Sachs, TONIIC and JP Morgan
Narayan RamachandranCountry Head – Morgan Stanley India (2007-10)
Non-Executive Chairman – Ratnakar Bank Limited
Operating Partner – Gaja Capital
Shradha SharmaFounder & CEO – YourStory
Madhav AcharyaExecutive Director Finance, CFO and CIO – Crompton Greaves
Eric SavageCo-Founder & CEO – Unitus Capital
Sujeet KumarCo-Founder & CEO – Udaan.com
Ex COO - Flipkart
Gaurav ManchandaManaging Director – Manchanda Capital
Entrepreneur in Residence – Axilor Ventures
Member Board of Directors – Organic World Retail
Bharati JacobFounder-Partner – Seedfund