Men's Indoor Cricket Championship23rd & 24th June, 2018 | 8:00 AM to 5:00 PMGopalan Sports Center, Whitefield


Sportzify is back with an India Sports Carnival initiative this June Bangalore’s biggest Sports & Fitness Fiesta, where Kids, Men, and Women come out to play their favorite sports.
c Sportzify Presents Men’s Indoor Cricket Championship - BSC18 for working professionals.


Rs.4130 per Team


Winner: Rs 12,000 + Trophy + Medal + Certificate + Puma Vouchers + Swiza Vouchers + Golds Gym Vouchers
Runner Up: Rs 8,000 + Trophy + Medal + Certificate + Puma Vouchers + Swiza Vouchers + Golds Gym Vouchers
Semi-Finalist 1: Rs 4000 + Certificate
Semi-Finalist 2: Rs 4000 + Certificate
Puma 25% Discount Vouchers for everyone.
Free Snacks during the tournament by Safe Harvest.


Date & Day: 23rd & 24th June | Saturday & Sunday| 8 AM to 5PM
Venue: Gopalan Sports Center, Whitefield (6 A Side Cricket Ground)
Categories: 6 a side + 2 extras Knockout tournament (Pure Corporate)


The first day we will have only first round of matches where every team will play their first match only.
The second day will see all the other matches of the tournament. Quarterfinals, SemiFinals, and Finals.

Rules and regulations

One corporate can have multiple teams from one company.
It is a knockout tournament played with green Wilson/Cosco Tennis Ball
Number of players playing on the field will be 6.
You can have max 2 extra players in your squad.
Extra players can only be used during a match for fielding incase umpire allows. It is completely dependent on the umpire.
6 overs per innings.
A max of 2 overs can be done by one bowler.
You can use at max 4 bowlers to complete your quota of 6 overs.
Last man standing batsman is not allowed.
4 and 6 are there in only straight boundary.
No runs in leg bye or bye.
LBW is not there for this tournament.
Extras are only in case of Wide Ball, No-ball.
A free hit is only in case of overstepping.
Only run up bowling or full arm bowling will be allowed. No, stand or throw bowling is allowed.
You can have a max of 2 players on the boundary line.
If the bowler is throwing the ball with a jerk then the umpire will take action upon it by giving just 2 warnings. The 3rd obstruction by the umpire leads to disqualification of that bowler from that match. Another bowler will continue that particular over.
The wicketkeeper is a must to have.
Caught behind the wicket or stumping is out.
Runs are there throughout the ground.
If the ball touches the side nets then it will be considered as one run.
If the player catches the ball after it hits the nets on top or side then it won't be considered out.
If the player touches the side net and catches the ball then it won't be considered as out.
Only 1 bouncer is allowed per over.
In case of a draw, we will have a super over.
Umpires decision will be considered as a final decision. Under no circumstances players will argue with the umpires otherwise the team will be disqualified without any refund of entry fees.Rules and regulations