PlayTM Corporate Badminton Tournament- December 201815th & 16th December, 2018 | 10:00 AMPlayTM Sports Arena, Marathahalli


PlayTM Sports is incomplete without a sport that gets maximum participation in Bangalore - Oh Yes! We are talking about Corporate Badminton Tournament.
It’s a corporate tournament where you can team up with people working in any other company. Kindly remember, if you are not working in any company then you are not allowed to participate.


Men’s Singles- Rs.500/-
Men’s Doubles- Rs.700/-


Winners- Rs.6000/-
Runners- Rs3000/-

Rules and Regulations

-The tournament is only for corporate players.
-Yonex Mavis 350 PLASTIC shuttles will be used for all the matches. 
-The fixture will be created by the organizing team and communicated to participants one day in advance. Once published will not be changed on individual request. The fixture will be based on the seeding given by the organizing team. To save time for everyone exact time for each match will be given and players are requested to reach the venue on time. Late arrival of players leads to automatic walkover for the opponent.
-Valid ID card of the company or HR letter must be produced on the day of the event.
-Player found not to be fit in the corporate category because of various reason, can be removed from the tournament at any point of time without giving any reason.
-Umpire/Referee decision will be final and players are requested to cooperate.
-Players are participating at their own risk. Any injuries or accidents occurring during the event are not the responsibility of the organizers.
-Players should strictly wear Non-Marking Shoes and come in sports attire.
-No current top 50 state or nationally ranked players are allowed.
-Registration cannot be canceled in any circumstances and money will not be refunded.
-Tournament Committee will have the authority to postpone/cancel/amend the schedule of the tournament at any given point of time but with a prior notice to the respective teams. In such cancellation, the full amount will be refunded.