Sparky Football Bangalore


At Sparky Football, Football is not merely a sport its a tool to create a difference. With the help of unique curriculums, passion for the game and love for kids, I use football as a teaching module to educate the importance of critical life skills and holistic development. My own personal journey of dedication and self-responsibility is my driving force. My students at Sparky are not just talented Footballers, they are gentleman with impeccable character and a strong sense of responsibility towards themselves and society, this is what I hope to instill in kids worldwide

Freestyle course

Now Sparky Football offers a freestyling course conducted by none other than Tejas himself.
For those of you who don't know who Tejas is, Tejas is the first Indian to speak about football on TEDx.
2014 Indian Freestyle Football Winner at Goa. Founder of Sparky Football| Hero Of Bangalore Award Winner. Featured on TEDx| UEFA| SoccerFilmFestival, NY. His Resume speaks for himself, Inquire now to know more about the course.


Client's location, Tejas will conduct coaching programs in public grounds, apartments, privately owned grounds, basically anywhere in Bangalore. Remember all this is for a good cause. Each student that joins helps Tejas teach and educate an under priviliged child.