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Hey there, all you CHROs! Connecting your employees on a personal level is key to fostering team spirit, and what better way to team building than Sports, wherein lies the genesis of the word “Team”.
Step Up Your Employee Engagement Game!
What’s in it for you ?
Improved work culture
Just one game can improve the bonding between employees, making the workplace more fun
Increased employee retention
An engaged employee is more likely to stay back, knowing the organization cares for them
Inreased productivity
Studies show that physical exercise helps improve your cognitive performance & productivity!
What’s in it for your employees ?
Engage in a very fun session and blow off some steam with a game!
Healthy Break
Moving your body not just contributes to physical wellness but also mental wellness!
Happy Smiles
A game session is going to leave the employees with wide grins on their faces!
Our Offerings
Sports Day Out

Give your employees a fun break from the office rut with a sports day out! With our expansive partner network of sports & recreation venues/organizers, we can help you stitch together a customized Sports Event in a jiffy. So the next time you’re thinking about a movie or lunch outing, think Sports instead!

Happy Health Vouchers

Thinking of Gifting your employees another Gym Membership that’ll go unused? Give them something new and fun instead. Playo Gift Cards & Vouchers are perfect for wellness programs, competitions, gifts and incentives. With flexible denominations and usage, these cards can be redeemed on Playo for any sports or wellness activity available on our platform - we promise you a much better utilization rate and a grateful employee!

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