NRC Badminton Arena

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5 AM - 11 PM

3rd Floor, Bangalore One Building, N.R.Colony, Basavanagudi

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About Venue

* Drinking water will not be provided. So bring your own water bottle
* Changing rooms should not be used
* Use sanitizer regularly
* Use mask and maintain social distancing
* Badminton accessories will not be provided on rent
* Use hand towel, don’t sprinkle your sweat
* Children below 13 years and players above 65 years will not be allowed to play.
* Only four players will be allowed inside the lift.
* Aarogya Setu app should be installed in your mobile phone
* Your safety and health is important for us! So please make sure that you will follow the rules and regulations of the badminton club.

- Only Ergonomic Gum Rubber Sole Non Marking Shoes allowed for Badminton. Shoes must be worn after entering the facility. Use of marking show would led to ban on players.
- Sports equipment NOT available on rent. Please carry badminton sporting equipment
- Entry will strictly not be allowed without non marking shoes and badminton rackets.
- Barefoot play is strictly prohibited.
- Tournaments and Individual Coaching & Videography is not allowed. If found, user(s) will be banned from venue.
- Please abide by club rules and maintain decorum at all times.
- Coaching is strictly prohibited
- If your late to play, please don’t ask us extra time for your mistake.
- Yelling or shouting on staff or owner is offensive.
- Enter the court 5 mins before and play should be stopped before 5 mins.
- For 1 hour Only 5 players will be allowed to play. If you have booked more than 1 hour, 7 players will be allowed but all players should maintain social distancing and wear mask.

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