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Cricket Nets

Cricket Nets


Smart Cricket Experience Zone (SCEZ) is a state-of-art Indoor Cricket Net facility with Astro-Turf and Computerized, automated bowling machine.

Guidelines and Ground Rules:
1. No Formal/Casual Wear allowed.
2. Only Sports Shoes (Non-Spike) are allowed on the turf.
3. Equipment Available for Rent (Bats, Pads, Gloves, Helmets, Thigh Guard)
4. Abdominal Guard is compulsory. Users to bring their own guard.
5. Amenities include Live TV for recording and analysis, Washroom, Changing Room, Bean Bags & Wifi.
6. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the session to help complete consent formalities.
7. Users will be personally liable to take responsibility for any physical damage caused to equipment and other assets through their actions.

*SCEZ = Smart Experience Zone proudly launches “BatSense”. Players booking appointments will be allowed to witness a free live demo session of “BatSense”, a first of its kind the technological invention in Cricket that is designed to capture data from any and every bat user and display the same to the user for analysis and review.

Features and Benefits:

Each shot that is played using BatSense can be analysed on the Smart Cricket app in 3 ways:
- Smart Video:
The Smart Video feature records a clip of a shot when it is played. The video captures the entire stroke, starting a few seconds before a shot is played and ending a few seconds after the shot has been played. Smart videos can be classified according to stroke type, such as Cover Drive, Straight Drive, Pull, etc., and can be reviewed at the end of a session. Two strokes can also be compared using the ‘Compare’ feature in Smart Video. This feature gives an insight of why the Shot Efficiency of a stroke was low in one shot compared to another. It also compares the angles and position of the bat at the time of impact with the ball in each scenario.

- Avatar:
The Avatar feature creates a 3D rendition of each shot that is played in a session. This feature enables the 360-degree analysis of a shot and creates an animation depicting the bat trajectory of the entire stroke. It also displays key parameters associated with the shot such as Bat Speed, Back Lift Angle, Impact Time, Follow Through Angle, and Blade Angle.

- Shot Parameters:
This feature displays the overall Shot Efficiency, along with 10 key parameters for each shot that is played in a session. The measured parameters can be analysed to improve specific strokes as well as overall batting technique.
Ten Shot Parameters:
1. Max Bat Speed: The maximum recorded speed of the bat achieved at any point during the bat swing, starting from the Back Lift to the Follow Through.
2. Rotation at Impact: The angle of rotation around the handle of the bat at the point of impact with the ball. This is the wrist motion which determines if the bat face was open or closed and to what degree at the time of impact with the ball.
3. Back Lift Angle: Angle of the back lift with respect to the bat being held vertically.
4. Follow Through Angle: Angle of the follow through with respect to the bat being held vertically.
5. Impact Time: Time elapsed (in milliseconds) from the Back Lift point to the point of impact.
6. Speed at Impact: The speed of the bat (in kmph) at the point of impact with the ball.
7. Average Speed: The average speed of the bat (in kmph) throughout the shot, from back lift to follow through.
8. Bat Start Angle: Bat orientation with respect to the player at the back lift. Provides information as to where the bat is pointing before the shot begins.
9. Blade Angle: Angle of rotation around the handle of the bat when a player is starting the shot.
10. Impact Angle: The angle that the bat makes with the ground vertically.

Other Features Include:
- Calendar:
The Calendar feature organizes and stores all the sessions played using BatSense. Tapping on a date displays the parameters of sessions played on the day and shots within each session.

- Session:
Each Session tab contains all the shots played in a single session of play with their key parameters and insights. It displays a wagon wheel depicting the direction in which shots have primarily been played, i.e, On-Side or Off-Side, along with a sector-wise count of shots. It also provides a summary of the session with Average Shot efficiency, Max Bat Speed, Number of Balls Played, Average Back Lift Angle, and Average Follow Through Angle. Sessions can be rated based on performance stats and quality of play.

- Goal Setting:
Using the Goals feature players and coaches can set targets to achieve against various parameters such as Minutes of Play, Number of Balls, Maximum Bat Speed, Back Lift Angle, and Power Index. These goals can be set session-wise, month-wise, or day-wise. Players can set these goals for themselves through the profile section, while coaches can set specific goals for each of their players based on their requirements. Analytics reports can be viewed to track progress against the set goals. Reports for tracking progress against individual parameters can be viewed. Reports can also be viewed week-wise or month-wise.

- Match Mode:
The Match Mode feature enables capturing of performance data even when the sensor is not actively connected to the Smart Cricket app. In this mode, the sensor continues to gather shot parameters, which can later be viewed once it is synced with the Smart Cricket app. Players can access all 10 shot parameters and 3D Analysis with Bat trajectory for each shot in Match Mode.

- Player Benefits:
1. Record, View, Analyse and Improve batting
2. Instant analysis of the shot type, shot power, and bat angle.
3. Date-wise storage of shots for later analysis
4. AVATAR feature enables 3D view
5. Comparison of shots using Smart Video feature
6. Wagon Wheel prediction of ball direction

- Coach Benefits
1. Set individual goals for performance enhancement
2. Batting tips for player uploaded videos
3. Comparison and analysis of multiple player data
4. Create comprehensive and personalized coaching programs
5. Choose line up based on skill and form


Change/Shower Room
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10 AM - 8 PM


#235, 2nd Floor, Suraj Center, 27th Cross, Yediyur, Jayanagar 7th Block, Bangalore - 560082

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