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Off Sarjapur Road
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6 AM - 10 PM

#75, Amrita College Road, Off Sarjapur Road, Kasavanahalli, Bangalore

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Cricket Nets

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About Venue

The Field:
Get off your lazyboys, lace up those dusty studs and pick a side. Why Playstation when you can actually Play?
- Football: Even the largest flat-screen TV can't rival our 15,000 sft FIFA-approved, AstroTurf ground. Gather your crew and go for goal.
- Cricket: While gully cricket has its own charm, on our field, you won't have to pull out the stumps every time a car passes by. And, we have some beautiful willow bats, among other things. How's that!?
- Rugby: Cleats, shorts, shoulder pads and shin guards — this game is not for the faint-hearted. Huddle, it's time to play ball!
- Basketball: One on one, three on three or a five on five, the ball is in our courts. Choose your turf — concrete outdoors or vinyl indoors.
- Team building activities: You've bonded enough over demanding bosses and endless presentations. Get out of the cubicle, and get on to the field to get some real team spirit going.

Head Rush:
Zorbs to foam pits to rodeo bulls: giddy-up!
- Mechanical Bull: Being a cowboy ain't that easy. But we've got your back. Our motorized rodeo bull is designed to minimize the risk of any injury, but we still recommend you hold on tight.
- Zorb: Rolling around in a giant bubble is everyone's fantasy. Step into our Zorb: it's 12 feet, double walled and extremely thrilling.
- Trampoline Park: 1600 sft of interconnected trampolines. Our park also features a hoop for slam ball and large a foam pit. What's more, a ten minute bounce equals to a half hour run.

Skate Park:
10 foot bowl, 30 ft run, mini bowl, spines, ramps and fun-boxes #nuffsaid.
- Skateboard: Ollies, nollies and probably many a folly, but what's skateboarding without a few falls? Hurtle down our 10ft deep bowl, and show them what you're made of.
- Rollerblades: Strap on the wheels and start with the stunts, but keep that helmet on! Our 30 ft run isn't as kind as you think.
- BMX: Stunts on wheels. No easy feat, this. Come and see for yourself.

Racket Games:
We have three of the most popular racket sports on offer: Squash, badminton and table tennis. Get a grip on it.
- Table Tennis: Challenge your buddies to a friendly match of ping pong. We'll keep the score.
- Badminton: Nothing like the sound of a flying shuttle. Our four indoor badminton courts have IBF- approved vinyl surfaces and changing rooms attached.

Sand & Water:
Deep in the bliss of a faraway island, we said, Bangalore would be awesome with a beach. So, we brought it.
- Beach Volleyball: So what if the sea is missing? We have soft sand, lots of sun, and a big, round colourful beachball.
- Swimming, Water Polo, Water Zorb: From zorbing to water polo, we have it all. Or if it's just a swim you fancy, jump in! Our 46' by 23' swimming pool is open to all.

Game Simulators:
3D High Definition surround visuals, 4D set up, infra-red sensors — the virtual world like you have never seen before.
- Car: Sit in our specially-crafted motion simulators, race against time or each other on our multiplayer car simulator. This is the closest you'll get to your F1 dream in Bangalore. Go speed racer, go!
- Flight: Visit the clouds with your feet firmly planted on the ground in our 4D Fighter Jet simulators. Challenge your friends to an explosive aerial combat, or undertake a stand-alone mission.

Laser Tag:
Scheme, strategize and, as television's greatest fan of Laser Tag says, suit up! Stealth mode on.
- Welcome to the dark corridors of the Laser Runner, one of the best laser tag systems in the world. Be a part of a highly competitive mission, complete with high fidelity sounds and special effects in this state-of-the-art arena.

Get ready. It's going to be legen…wait-for-it…dary.

Kids Play Area:
Why should grown ups have all the fun? Mini climbing walls and sandpits full of surprises, this is something for all the little ones.
- Trampoline: Soft, springy and super safe. Let your child expend all that energy, and bounce away on our mini-trampolines.
- Sandpit: Buckets, scoops and spades. And before you know it, you're in there building sand castles with your kids.
- Mini Climbing Wall: For kids who want to scale new heights, our mini-climbing wall would be the right place to start.
- Rope Course: Safe, secure and harnessed tight, it's time to swing it like Tarzan.
- Indoor Activity Centre: From building blocks to music lessons, our activity center has something for kids of all ages. Getting bored is not an option.
Bowling Alley:
For regulars, chicken sandwiches and cherries are not just things you can snack on post-game. Whether you are a bowling pro or a complete newbie, put your bowling shoes on, steady your focus and swing.
- Our Brunswick bowling alley is equipped with four lanes, quality bowling shoes and a variety of bowling ball for all sizes. - Strike, spare or gutter, we're happy as long as you have a good time.

Target Practice:
For all you trigger-happy folk out there.
- Air Rifle Shooting: A ten meter range complete with rifles, air pistols and professional guidance. Need we say more?
- Archery: Arch your back, steady your aim and shoot! Brush up on your ancient warfare skills at our 50 ft target archery range.

Off The Ground:
If Spiderman is your favorite superhero, our off-the-ground activities will be right up your alley. Or should we say wall? Scale up 50 feet, or hang upside down on a zip line and defy all laws of gravity.
- Climbing: With top-of-the-line equipment and experts guiding you at every step, challenge yourself to our 50-feet-high climbing wall. This is your Everest.
- Bouldering: No ropes, no harnesses — this is pure freehand climbing for all the gritty folk out there! Explore our 36' by 14' bouldering wall, and clamber to the top.
- Rope Course: Five precarious stages of the rope course — from a tight rope walk to a swinging ladder to a zip-line. It's you and your harness against the world. Hang in there baby!
- Zip Line: Hook yourself on to the 250 ft long metal cable and glide across the skies. And, that's how we like to get a bird's eye view.

Off-roading, and we don't mean your daily drive to work (though Indian roads can be pretty inspiring). Try our purpose-built dirt track complete with boulders, dips and slow bends — go, blow off some steam.
- ATV: For all you dirt bike racing junkies, leave behind a cloud of dust as you zoom away on our quad bikes and ATVs. Our vehicles range from 90cc to 800cc bikes. The hills in the background only add to the charm.
- Segway: It ain't as easy as it seems but it's every bit as fun. Balance on our all terrain Segways while negotiating our specially-built track. Warning: you may not want to walk again.

Get behind the wheel and test your mettle.

Go Karting:
Backs straight, eyes on the road and feet on the pedals. Off through the curves, bends, twists, turns — like real adventures in life, the journey is the destination.
- Welcome to Play Raceway, a go-karting track equipped with authentic kart barriers to prevent collisions, and race track software of international standards. We have a fleet of spanking new KNK Karts too. Gear up, and get ready to race.

- Mask? Check (anti-fog, anti-scratch and unrestricted peripheral vision)
- Marker? Check (light-weight, easy-grip and loaded with ammo)
- Paint balls? Check (reusable, resilient and Pro Grade)
- Strategy, discretion and stealth — game on.
- In a 9,000 sq ft open field, put your Tippmann markers and guerrilla skills to test.

This. Is. Sparta.

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